vrijdag 15 maart 2013

Travel Colors part 5, RED

Thinking of RED travel souvenirs ...... wow soo many I can't choose from! I will never forget the delicious "clafoutis aux cerises" from my French Grandmother or buying inexpensive (!) and fun red souvenirs in Asia. And what about those real tasty Italian tomatoes in the salad caprese on your last summer holiday in Abruzzo? For more RED travel experiences take your children to the Red City Marrakesh and watch some beautiful French movies au couleur Rouge. Do you want to experience some more wow & love family travel delights? Stay in the childfriendly Library Hotel in Koh Samui and take a dive in one of the most spectacular swimming pools in te world.

Here we go, ♥ RED travel souvenirs:

We love French movies! Trois Couleur: Rouge is a beauty with sensitive music in the film. Travel in time with Le Ballon rouge from 1956 or The flight of the red balloon from the 90's with Juliette Binoche. 

The most beautiful temple in Hong Kong. Red colors and intense fragrance you will never forget.

Man Moh Tempel Hong Kong

Summer 2012, Bali beach was full of color with these cushions. Easy to take them home and the RED one is very cool and stylish on your rooftop terrace. Kody & Co in Seminyak is a very nice shop. Also have a look at the neighbours, at Feather & Finds!  

Kody & Co boutique in Seminyak, Bali
Take a dive in this spectacular RED swimmingpool @ The Library Hotel in Koh Samui.  
The Library, Koh Samui

Take the family to Marrakech with Heritage Travel
Riad El Fenn
Almost Spring (i's still snowing in Amsterdam...) and time has come to eat lots of strawberries. Go and get them at the local Farmers Market in Amsterdam.

Love strawberries, Holland
If you are in Amsterdam have a look @ Fair and Fair boutique. Fair trade & unique design products. 

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