donderdag 18 april 2013

Travel Colors part 6, Orange

Let´s talk about Orange!

Orange was not always my favourite color except for Hermes Orange :) but Orange travel colors are awesome! Thinking of Queensday in Amsterdam, a picture perfect sunset in Bali, orange powder during Holi Spring Festival in India and much more. Some of FTD´s favourites:

For Dutch people Orange is ..... Queens day on April 30! This year Queens day is a very special day because of the official abdiction of our Queen Beatrix. At the same day we will welcome a new King & Queen. Street Style is absolutely Orange and the best way to enjoy to the fullest is on a boat or strolling alongside the canals. The Vondelpark is a perfect place to go if you take your children. 

If you stay in Amsterdam for a couple of days  go see the Dutch Masterpieces in the just re-opend Rijksmuseum.

Orange streetsyle for your little Sweethearts @ Serendipity Kids


Re-opening Rijksmuseum, April 13 2013

FTD loves Orange travel colors from Sicily. Bring back home Ortigia orange blossom fragrances ....

And what a happy and healthy experience with your children to pick some Oranges from the Orange trees in Mallorca and have a full glass of fresh orange juice.

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